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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  August 7, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> it's a trial that's gone on for nearly six months but closing arguments are now under way in the murder trial of south african olympian oscar pistorius. for the second time this year, a successful stowaway flies out of the san jose airport. this time a woman snuck through security and wasn't caught until attendants did a head count in mid air. the citizens against government waste group is questioning money spent by several d.c. council members during a recent trip to las vegas. the trip cost about $14,000 total. nearly 300 more homes have been evacuated along oregon's columbia river gorge where a wildfire is starting to move towards more populated areas. we don't have any problems like that here. howard, talk to us. >> the only problem we have this morning is dense fog. dense fog advisories issued for manassas, fredricksburg, harrisonburg and the shenandoah valley. you notice this is not in d.c.
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proper. watching victs this morning in -- visibilities this morning in some cases near zero. a quarter mile in culpeper. three-quarters in luray and martinsburg, you have some fog around you. your visibility down to one- quarter of a mile. our temperatures are comfortable. 60s and low 70s. this really has been a very fine summer temperature wise. nothing too hot. we got to 99 that one day in july. but right now we're in the 60s w-6 4 gaithersburg -- with 64 gaithersburg. 63 with some fog just to the west of manassas. this afternoon looking good. sunny, dry, low humidity. it's going to abgreat day for the nationals and -- to be a great day for the nationals and mets game. that's right after the noon news. high in washington 86. let's check in with monika samtani. traffic wise we have some headaches. >> it's super busy. on the outer loop of the beltway right after new hampshire avenue, an accident blocks a lane right here. it's causing delays from the 95 interchange. we've had an ongoing accident on the bw parkway northbound at route 175. it looks like my maps aren't
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working but northbound bw parkway is closed at route 175. in fact, let's take a live look from our sky 9 right there. it's caused delays from at least before route 32. i am suggesting that you go head and use route 1. this does not look like it's going anywhere too soon with all the lanes blocked. 95 on the northbound side, let's go back to the maps. there is an accident after quantico. multiple vehicles involved there. the left lane is closed there and major delays northbound i- 95 in virginia. back to you gu >> thank you, monika. there's a state of emergency in the west african nation of liberia. as the ebola virus spreads into more populated areas. >> nearly a thousand people have died so far and the virus has spread to a fourth country nigeria in addition to liberia, guinea and sierra leone. the united states and its allies plan to send additional medical workers overseas to help contain the outbreak. >> let's get all the help --
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health workers we need on the ground. let's help to bolster the systems they already have in place. let's nip as early as possible any additional outbreaks of the disease. >> health care workers are fanning out across neighborhoods but many are being met with fear and denial. there are reports people are hiding sick relatives and perying them in secret. ople say they're afraid isolation wards are merely a death sentence. the temporary cease-fire between israel and hamas is scheduled to expire late tonight. >> but efforts are under way in egypt to try and negotiate an extended cease-fire. early this morning government officials told cnn israel is willing to extend the cease- fire unconditionally. israel withdraw its ground forces from gaza on constitutions tuesday. a homeless woman snuck on to a plane at san jose's international airport and flew to los angeles earlier this week. >> marilyn hartman stopped and talked after a judge spared her from having to do any jail
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time. >> it was stupid and something i don't want to repeat. >> reporter: 62-year-old marilyn hartman won't say how she got past security screeners and gate agents in san jose to board a southwest airlines flight to lax without a ticket. she now says she'll never do it again. >> it was clearly wrong on my part and i certainly don't want to do it again because i certainly don't want to do any jail time. >> reporter: hartman was discovered after flight attendants did a head count and realized there was an extra passenger on board. chicago native says she's a retired secretary who is currently homeless. in court she entered a plea of no contest to charges of being a storyaway. she is now banned from lax and san francisco's sfo. >> obviously they'll be on the watch for me so i wouldn't dare attempt it again. i don't want to be in that position. i want to go with a paid ticket. >> reporter: hartman has been arrested six times this year alone for trying to board a
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plane in san francisco without a ticket and was placed on probation. >> i have $4.25. >> reporter: hartman says she has no idea where she'll go next but was given instructions to a nearby shelter after she was released from custody. >> that was juan fernandez reporting. this is san jose's second big breach this year. a teenager snuck into a wheel well of a plane and survive add flight to hawaii -- survived a flight to hawaii. a construction worker died in arlington. the worker was helping load a flat bed truck with tree trunks when they rolled off and crushed him. arlington county police and federal osha investigators looked over the scene. police told us the victim was part of a subcontracting crew at the construction site and his name has not yet been released. the man who attacked two people after an argument in a montgomery county mall parking lot now waits to learn his
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punishment. a jury convicted david goldberg of attempted voluntary manslaughter and eight other serious charges. this all unfolded at montgomery mall last november. goldberg stabbed two people in an argument over who had the right of way. he faces up to 165 years behind bars when he's sentenced in december. a happy ending to a report after the amber alert we told you about yesterday morning. virginia state police say 3- year-old tommy engle is safe and his father is in custody. they canceled that alert yesterday afternoon after finding father and son in pikeville, kentucky where they have family. investigators say the father also named tommy engle called police early yesterday and let officers talk with his son as well as texting them pictures of the child. virginia officials feared the 3- year-old was in extreme danger after hearing his father had made threats. there's a scary new reason to double check your online security this morning. that story still ahead.
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>> plus, new technology is being tested that could help keep crews battling wildfi
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6:09 on this thursday morning. sunrise coming up in six minutes in washington. just a few clouds out there. we have some fog west. that's going to burn off the next couple of hours and we're in for a delightful august day. low humidity. ful sunshine and highs -- full sunshine and highs in the 80s. question marks about the weekend forecast. i'm talk about that and the latest all coming up in about 6, 7 minutes. >> thank you, howard. technology that's been used by the military could soon be in the hands of firefighters across the country. the fire department in prescott, arizona lost 19 of
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its hotshot firefighters last summer. now they're testing out a system that could prevent a similar tragedy. >> reporter: the 2013 yarnell hill fire claimed the lives of 19 granite mountain hotshots from prescott, arizona when the firefighters's exact location couldn't be pinpointed. >> they were quickly being overrun by fire [ inaudible ] >> reporter: now technology originally developed by new york-based persistent systems aims to drastically improve two- way communications between fire crews and wildfire command centers. >> it allows every radio to repeat through every other radio, no matter how they move, no matter how dynamic the situation becomes. >> reporter: in prescott, arizona, firefighters are
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putting wave to wave relay to the test. >> it has a flip down tablet as you can see right here. then it has a radio system here. >> reporter: the radio serves as personal cell towers for firefighters enabling command centers to better track what's happening in the field. >> we've got a fire crew. we have a couple of different firefighter fighter elements. >> reporter: and firefighters to know more about the lay of the land. by drawing on a tablet, an operations supervisor can remotely guide a fireman to a safer location. pictures and video can also be shared. they can use an android tablet to send crucial information back to the command center. they plan to continue the testing. with an eye towards using wave relays during next year's fire season. >> while the system shows promise, it does need some upgrades. right now the bulky harness
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weighs 10 pounds and firefighters already carry around heavy equipment. plus, the price is out of range for many fire departments. it's 6:11. time to look at the question of the morning. 37% of women say this is the most important thing to take on vacation. is it a, your own pillow, b, comfy pajamas or c, walking shoes? >> facebook friend ashley says a, followed by c but i take all three when traveling anywhere. post your guess and comments on our wusa9 facebook fan page. we'll have more of your responses and the correct answer in
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6:15. time to check your money. >> other than a slight began for japan's nikkei, the other asian markets closed down. the numbers also dropped in europe when their exchanges opened this morning. here stocks stabilized yesterday after tuesday's loss. checking the numbers the dow rose 13 points. the s&p 500 up less than a point. the nasdaq gained two points. cybersecurity experts say change your passwords and get serious about protecting your identity. u.s. authorities are now investigating the largest online data theft on record.
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russian hackers stole 1.2 billion user names and password comnations, collected 524 million e-mail addresses and breached about 420,000 websites. airlines are raking in record profits this year thanks in part to all those fees most of us get hit with. did you know carriers are also rewarding their most valued customers who are being offered a little known perk for their loyalty. dan yal yell the -- danielle nottingham reports. >> reporter: you never know when it's coming. >> it's very exclusive. >> reporter: it's a perk to pamper united's top customers. at lax, employees wait for passengers with connections and grab them at the door. then a luxury car chauffeurs them to their connection. no racing through the airport and no charge. what did you think? >> very surprised. >> reporter: united uses
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mercedes. delta has porsches and requires you to fly 120,000 miles a year to be considered. more airlines are offering the free ride. aviation experts say it's part of the competition for travelers who buy pricey tickets. >> 70% of the receive few comes from 20% of its passengers so it makes sense that airlines would reward the people that spend the most money on them. >> reporter: carriers are wooing big spenders at a time when it's tougher for the occasional flyer to earn miles and escape the growing list of fees. >> any time you have something, it just eases things a little bit, it helps. >> this way they're doing it in style. >> and they're doing it in style. >> reporter: with other perks like expedited security and early boarding, it's a good time to be a frequent flyer. danielle nottingham, cbs news, los angeles. >> gate-to-gate chauffeur service is offered at other major airports like atlanta, chicago, minneapolis and new york. i'd love to sign up for that.
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that ain't happening for me. >> you have to spend a lot of time on an airplane to get that perk. >> not so much. >> i just heard a survey on the radio this morning that said this was the cool place to be, the young people, the things we have to do and you can add in the weather. today it's going to be terrific. >> there will be one of the best plays in the entire country to be on this august 7. it's august. we're talking about highs only the mid-80s with low humidity levels. take that, san diego. weather wise i want to be serious a moment and talk about what's happening in the pacifics, the tropics affecting hawaii. iselle and julio is out there. julio is a hurricane as well with winds 85 miles an hour. that's expect todz pass just north of the -- expected to pass just north of the hawaiian island but iselle will make a hit to the big island. 90 mile an hour winds. forecast to 80 mile an hour winds. 8:00 tonight hawaii time, it will be approaching the big island of hawaii. hilo is over there. pass south of honolulu, ohau if
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i've got it right. i've been working on my hawaiian geography. and then will pass farther south of the western islands by friday evening. the winds, they'll be some big winds. they don't get hurricanes often. this is the fourth time since 1950 hawaii is being hit with a hurricane. tropical storm force winds in yellow getting there later this afternoon. orange will be severe thunderstorm winds and red would be the hurricane force winds. you see how it goes right over hilo and the north part of hawaii, the big island of hawaii. looks like we'll get some of the stronger winds south of kahului. honolulu gets the tropical storm force winds but the severe thunderstorm winds stay off shore and this brushes kahului as it moves out into the pacific. but this is a rare event. for us the sun is up. a hazy looking sun this morning. temps will be nice. we'll get rid of some of the humidity. it is going to be great. 84 by 3:00.
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85 by 5:00. mid-80s for the nats this afternoon. looks like a beautiful evening. right now cool enough for some dense fog to have formed. shenandoah valley in toward manassas and fred rigsburg and down -- fredricksburg and down toward culpeper and warrenton this morning. we're okay in d.c., baltimore. visibilities are rather low. talking about visibilities in spots that have dropped less than a quarter mile. now back to a quarter mile harrisonburg, luray, over toward warrenton and also martinsburg has visibility a quarter mime. culpeper sitting at one half mile. this will burn off in another hour or so. we start off with temps in the 60s, low 70s. this afternoon we're going into the mid-80s. kind after neat looking sunrise this morning with 73 officially at reagan national and a wind north, northwest only 6 miles an hour which will dry us out. our forecast 86 today. lots of sun, very pleasant. tonight we're in the 60s. low 60s north and west. clouds increase tomorrow. comfortable day 85. west of # 1 could see a -- of
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81 could see a shower. shower. showers still possible sunday, highs between 80 and 85. here's monika now, timesaver traffic. not a good day at all. >> especially on the bw parkway where there's been this ongoing accident investigation and reconstruction on the northbound side. it's at route 175 but you can go no further than route 32. i believe this is probably all that traffic stuck in between. the accident again with the reconstruction ongoing here at anne arundel at route 175. so my suggestion is, yes, route 32 is slow but you want to take that across to route 1 or take route 1 off the beltway if that's where you usually go instead of the parkway. 95 is in good shape and route 29 as well all morning long. let's take a look now at another map, this time on the beltway. outer loop at new hampshire avenue where the crash was moved to the shoulder but delays out of college park now into silver spring. and again everything moved to the showldzer. your main -- shoulder. your main line is open.
6:22 am
northbound i-95 you have slow traffic as well trying to get up toward quantico where the accident was cleared. it's going to take you about 27 minutes from aquia harbor to dumfries, so that's a lot longer than normal, especially in august with the summer traffic pattern. one you're in springfield you're okay. let's take a live look outside if you're planning to head here on the beltway. this is what i was talking about on the outer loop from 95 toward new hampshire avenue. that's where you're going to find your heaviest traffic. we'll take one more last live look this time to the 14th street bridge. i believe northbound on 395 looking good here across the potomac river. we're trying to keep the price of gas from driving you crazy. this half-hour, we're checking prices in front royal, virginia with the help of aaa's fuel finder. the most expensive price recorded for a gallon of regular unleaded is $3.28 at the 7-eleven on winchester road. while a couple of stays are selling regular unleaded for $3.18 a gallon, including the wilco food mart on commerce
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avenue. hi, i'm lesli foster. as part of our give joy operation backpack program, we're raising back-to-school funds for local kids in need. with the donation of $25 you can help send a homeless child on a field trip this school year. visit and you can make that happen with just the click of a button.
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hazy in washington this
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morning. the sun came up at 6:25. kind after neat looking picture there. we do have dense fog off to the west. a dense fog advisory south of 66 along and west of 95. manassas to fredricksburg back to the shenandoah valley. visibilities in warrenton right now in luray and harrisonburg at one-quarter, half mile in culpeper. really nice day ahead with highs in the the mid-80s. monika? >> on the outer loop of the beltway, an earlier accident after new hampshire avenue was cleared but it left early delays for you, emily in the summer -- especially in the summer you're not used to this this time of the morning on the outer lp heading westbound on 495. very big delays on the bw parkway. a serious crash northbound at 175. i will keep you posted. back to you. the popular phrase "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" doesn't apply when you're talking about members of the dng city council -- d.c. city council. >> that's because the council members used taxpayer dollars on their recent trip. nikki burdine is outside the wilson building with this
6:27 am
story. good morning, nikki. >> reporter: good morning. that saying doesn't always apply and they probably wish the details of their trip to vegas weren't made public. for example, $14,000 was spent on a trip to vegas. the trip was approved by the council's secretary, but that doesn't make all the money that was spent any easier to understand. council woman muriel bowser, the democratic nominee for mayor, and five other council members attended a conference called recon. the recon conference is a global venture meant to drum up economic development. bowser's trip alone cost taxpayers more than $2800 in all. , including a stay at the trump international hotel for $500 a night. council woman alexander's trip was slightly higher, more than $2900. critics of this trip say there could be appropriate expenses to such conferences if -- if they kept an eye on the budget and the trip isn't open to every official and every member
6:28 am
of their staff. >> the question with travel for any legislator at the local, state or federal level is what is the cost and what is the benefit. the purpose of the trip should be laid out in public and the results of the trip should also be provided. >> reporter: we reached out to council woman bowser and others who took that trip. although she declined to go on camera she did release a statement saying over the years as a result of meetings at this conference, we've attracted whole foods, costco and others to invest in the city. council woman alexander also echoed that sentiment saying she believes it's a great way to sell the city. we have yet to hear back from any other council members. we'll keep you updated if we do. in d.c., i'm nikki burdine. back to you. >> thank you, nikki. people in d.c. will have a chance to vote on whether to make marijuana legal or not. >> the board of elections has certified signatures gathered by a pro legalization group and agreed to put the issue on the november ballot. if approved the initiative will allow people 21 and older to
6:29 am
possess up to 2 ounces of pot and grow up to three mature marijuana plants at home. now to hawaii where residents and vacationers are being told to stock up before two hour kins arrive. >> the -- hurricanes arrive. >> the first hurricane iselle is expected to hit the islands later dacht the next hurricane -- later today. the next hurricane julio is expected to pass the islands this weekend. that has lots of people planning in advance of the storms. red cross coordinators worry what what happens if the ports are damaged. >> it would be the food problem. the food situation. there's a limited amount of food on the island as any one time. >> some businesses are already out of bottled water and some nonperishable food. drivers who want to fill up are finding the lines are pretty long. 6:29. a very different story in our neighborhood. this is a look outside
6:30 am
beautiful sunrise. a little fog in some places. >> howard bernstein is live on the weather terrace with your entire forecast. looks nice out there. >> reporter: it is nice out here. humid still but the humidity levels are dropping. it's going to be a great day. let's go over to the graphics and i'll show you the forecast. a beautiful day ahead. sunshine. lower humidity levels and highs in the mid-#s on. we'll get rid of this patchy fog in another hour or two. until then we have a dense fog advisory from manassas, the shenandoah valley till #k. some of the advice -- till 9:00. some of the visibilities have been in the half-mile to quarter range. in harrisonburg you have some fog but you're not in the advisory. temperatures comfortable. you don't need a jacket. 60s and low 70now. a great afternoon with most highs in the mid-80s. the nationals and mets have a first pitch at 1:05. we have that game here on wusa starting with our noon news. inside to monika samtani where the weather is doing a lot better than the traffic gz definitely it is.
6:31 am
-- traffic. definitely it is. on i-95 it will take you close to half an hour to get from aquia harbor to dumfries. the earlier accident in quantico was cleared out of the roadway but left this for you. if you're planning to head over on the other side of town, beltway north of town is in bad shape and so is the bw parkway. that's because of a long- standing very serious crash northbound side at route 175. all lanes have been closed at route 32. you can go no further than that. delays on the southbound side as well. it's objectly attracting attention. i highly recommend that you use route 1 as your alternate row. on the outer loop of the beltway, you have slow traffic left over from an earlier accident after new hampshire avenue. delays out of college park. we'll take a live look at 270. southbound side some fog settling in down toward rockville but right now it seems to be in pretty good shape. a little slow at the split. i'm tweeting about delays on metro and on marc trains at monika on 9. back to you. time to see what our
6:32 am
partners over at cbs this morning are covering. >> charlie rose joins us live from new york with a preview. good morning, charlie. >> good morning, andrea and debra. ahead, we're in hawaii with the preparations under way for two massive storms. plus, concerns it could take a week to get help to the island if disaster strikes. and we take a closer look at donald truch's effort to re-- trump's effort to remove his name from two atlantic city casinos. and one tree with 40 different fruits. we visit the man whose preservation effort turned into something we've never seen before. all that and more. the news is back in the morning at 6:00. at 6:32 we are following breaking news from anne arundel county, maryland. a homicide investigation is under way at a hanover gas station. >> anne arundel police say they got called to the exxon on ridge road and route 175 just after 1:00 this morning. officers found one person dead at the scene. police are still at the scene gathering evidence. they plan to brief us later
6:33 am
this morning. we're going to have that information on and wusa9 news at noon. the remains of an american general killed in afghanistan are on their way back to the united states. >> major general harold greene lived in falls chump with his wife -- falls church with his wife. the body will arrive at dover air force face between 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. he was serving as deputy commanding general in afghanistan. he was gunned down tuesday while visiting an afghan military academy near kabul. the attacker was shot and killed but not before shoulding more than a dozen people. now to the mcdonnell corruption trial where a hug became the center of controversy yesterday. >> mary-shea sutherland spent much of the day on the stand. she's the former chief of staff for maureen mcdonnell. sutherland testified that mrs. mcdonnell often yelled and screamed at her and other staffers. bob mcdonnell hugged sutherland after she was done testifying and our peggy fox asked him
6:34 am
about that. >> reporter: we saw that embrace with mary-shea sutherland. she means a lot to you? >> i love all the people that sacrifice for me and my campaign during the last four years. i had a lot of great employees. >> prosecutor complained about that hug and after the jury left, the judge told bob mcdonnell's lawyers to get their client, quote, straightened up. supterland also testified that when she wanted to quit her job with maureen mcdonnell, one of the people she talked to about getting a new job was then star scientific ceo jonnie williams. d.c. police are looking for a missing 72 yearldz man from -- 72-year-old man from southeast and they need your help to bring him back home. gee sef bush was -- joseph bush was last seen july 22 in the 2200 block of savannah street. he may be in need of medical care. if you've seen him, please call d.c. police right away. the son of d.c. councilman marion barry is scheduled to appear in court. christopher barry has been jailed for just over a week
6:35 am
now. officers pulled the 34-year-old barry over last wednesday for a broken taillight. that's when they found out barry's license had been revoked. barry was also arrested back in may when he was charged with driving under the influence of drugs. need a lift? the state of virginia has reached an agreement with uber and lift to allow the ride sharing services to operate legally in the commonwealth. back in june the state issue add cease and desist order -- issued a cease and desist order saying the companies did not have proper licenses. under the temporary agreement, uber and lift must meet several conditions including background checks for drivers and extensive insurance coverage. in maryland where the state's public service commission just ruled that uber is subject to state regulation. the commission said uber must apply for a motor carrier permit within 60 days. they also said they'd begin drafting new guidelines on how the state should regulate ride sharing services. 6:35. time to congratulate today's facebook fan ever the day.
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6:40 am
and thus ends the three days of joint practices between the redskins and the patriots. and the players reflecting. >> things went good. you get a change of pace, get to go against another great offense. you know, get to go against tom brady and company. it's been great. great past three days. did a lot of great work. >> it's been a lot of great work. we did one on ones, team drills and situational things. it's been good going against other guys, breaking up the monotony at camp and a game tempo the last couple of days. it's been good for us. >> here's what we know going into the first preseason game later on today. desean jackson was treated at yesterday's practice. he has an ankle injury. he may or may not go. pierre garcon will not play. neither will fill thomas or ryan clark. we'll have all the story lines coming up from fedex field a little later today starting at 5:00. for now, though, have a great day. glp. if you're driving to fedex field for tonight's game, don't let the traffic drive you
6:41 am
crazy. metro and game day organizers are trying to make things easier for fans. event organizers are paying to keep the trains going an hour longer tonight. metro says riders should enter the morgan boulevard or largo town center stations by 12:20 a.m. to make sure they catch the last trains. all other metro station entrances will close at their normal times, but riders will be able to exit all stations during th5k=bfat take hour of service. just a little further up the road, the ravens will host the 49ers at m&t bank staum tonight for their preseason game, the first one of the season. the game will pit coaches and brothers jim and john harbaugh against one another and it's a repeat of super bowl xlvii. this is also an opportunity for joe flacco and company to show off their new look offense under new coordinator gary kubiak. this afternoon the nationals have a chance to win their series with the mets. you can watch the game right here on wusa9. coverage begins at 12:30 but
6:42 am
for those of you who don't want to miss your soaps, they will air on our digital channel 9.2. for comcast customers that's channel 207. 807 on cox. 459 for fios and channel 100 on rcn. if you have dish or directv, the shows will be shown on the tvgn channel. first baseman adam laroche came ready to swing for the offensive. he hit a two-run bomb in the first inning to give the nats the lead. in 98th -- in the 8th evening, it's laroche again with a solo home run. it's the 11th win for the season for the pitcher doug pfister. that's fantastic. >> sounds good. this is also good news for golf fans. tiger will be on the prowl at the final major of the year. the world's former number one golfer says he's going to play in the pga championship this
6:43 am
weekend. tiger woods arrived at the club yesterday afternoon, tested his lower back at practice and then tested it some more in a nine- hole practice round. he declared himself pain free after tweaking his back on sunday and then withdrawing adding the tweak wasn't in the same spot as his march back surgery. surgery-- >> this is a real test. >> we had an unusually high number of days with low humidity. >> another one is on tap for today but can it hold through the weekend. howard is up next
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as we said, today is the pick of the week. perfect for anything you'd like to do today or tonight. >> a game with the nats and mets at 1:05 and this evening we've got the redskins with a home game and the ravens with a
6:47 am
home game. preseason of course but a lot of folks love the excuse to tailgate. just get out and enjoy it nonetheless. not so enjoyable as hawaii gets ready for a direct hit from a hurricane. this is a rare event. julio is also a hurricane. winds of 85 miles an hour. looks pretty good on the satellite presentation but expecting julio to pass just north of the islands. iselle, though, that's another story. winds 90 miles an hour. it's weakening. it used to be 140 mile an hour storm but still looks like it's going to maintain hurricane strength when it makes landfall later today hawaii time. at 8:00 approaching the coast of the big island of hawaii going real close to hilo passing south of honolulu. that's maui and ohau. it will pass south of there and the rest of the islands as it weakens to a tropical storm by tomorrow morning. the wind field on this just to give you an idea what the winds are going to do, the yellow is the tropical storm force winds.
6:48 am
the yellow the hurricane force winds. you consider the orange like severe thunderstorm winds. they'll be on shore here later thank. this is hawaii time. with the hurricane force winds coming in tonight, right over hilo, that's not going to be good. so the north part of hawaii and the big island of hawaii getting it much worse than the south. then it passes to the south of the islands with tropical storm conditions up here from kahului to honolulu as it continues to move to the west. so big, big issue in hawaii as you can imagine. us for, one of the best days we've seen in august for a while. highs mid-80s this afternoon. humidity levels will be down. a north wind at 10 miles per hour. we have dry air moving in. but not yet. still humidity out there in the form of dense fog from culpeper and warrenton, harrisonburg reporting zero advice billty at the moment. -- visibility at the moment. in garrett county we're down to zero visibility. there's your dry air in pennsylvania trying to come on south with northerly winds with dew points in the 50s up there. our temperatures are showing 50s north to low 70s in town.
6:49 am
as we look closer in, you see 568 for leesburg. 63 in white -- a 68 for leesburg. 63 in white oak. 67 in upper marlboro. 66 coming in from springfield and reston and fairfax county. a sunny start in d.c. with 73 degrees at reagan national and the humidity at 79%. we stay sunny today with the dry air around. it's going to abnice looking day. no weather problems now but clouds will increase tomorrow afternoon. a storm system is going to pass across the carolinas in southern virginia that will toy with us over the weekend that could bring a few showers. 86 today. 60s tonight. tomorrow 85 with the afternoon clouds. a shower possible west of i-81. 81 on saturday with a few showers, especially south and west of d.c. sunday can't rule out an isolated shower or storm, highs staying between 80 and 85. good morning, monika. says you. it's not been a good morning at all traffic wise. first i want to give you the reminder the u.s.-after can
6:50 am
summit continues through thursday -- africa summit continues through thursday with road closures and parking restrictions all over downtown d.c. i'm been subjecting that you use metro, smithsonian, foggy bottom orla fact plaza are going to be your best bet. now for the really bad news. on the northbound side of the bw parkway, work continues on a very serious crash northbound at route 175. you can go no further than route 32. let's take a live look from our sky 9. they've been showing us the detour point and delay chi just measured on a map. i believe it's a five-mile solid bumper-to-bumper delay northbound here on the bw parkway. again, you're diverted at route 32. route 1 is going to be your best alternate. let's go back to the maps real quick. on the outer loop of the beltway, an earlier crash near new hampshire was cleared. you have delays through silver spring. a 17-minute ride here. northbound 95 slows into triangle and dumfries with the
6:51 am
lanes open. don't let the price of gas drive you crazy. this half-hour we're checking stations around frederick, maryland with the help of aaa's fuel finder. the least expensive price reported in the last 24 hours is $3.42 a gallon for regular unleaded. you can find that at sunoco on west patrick street. but if you go to the 7-eleven on sundays name -- love that noim -- it will cost you $3.56 a gallon. it's' 6:51 -- it's 6:51. time to answer the question of the morning. 70% of women say this is the most important thing to take on vacation. is it a, your own pillow, b, comfy 35 jama -- comfy pajamas or c, walking shoes. >> the answer, sorry, it's b, comfy pajamas.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
we continue to follow breaking news from anne arundel county, maryland a. homicide investigation is under way at a ranover gas station. anne arundel police say they got called to the exxon at ridge road and route 175 just after 1:00 this morning. officers found one person dead at the scene. police are still there gathering evidence. >> reporter: i'm nikki burdine at the wilson building where d.c. council members probably wish the phrase "what happens in vegas stays in vegas" is
6:55 am
always true and probably wish the details of their trip to vegas weren't made public. for example, the 14 grand spent when they went there for a conference. the conference is called recon, a global venture meant to drum up economic development. for example, muriel bowser's trip alone cost taxpayers $2800, including a $500 a night stay at trump international hotel. we have yet to hear back if any council members from camera. however, muriel bowser released a statement. in her statement she says, over the years as a result of meetings at this conference, we've attracted whole foods, costco and others to invest in the city. if we hear back if other council members, we'll pass them along you to. back to you. >> thank you, nikki. russia ordering a year long ban on all agricultural imports from the u.s. that's about $1.2 billion in american business. the ban is in response to harsher sanctions imposed by the u.s. a and european union. the sangs are in response to russia's role in the ukraine crisis. later this morning, president obama is headed to
6:56 am
fort belvoir, virginia where he'll sign a bill to overhaul the department of veterans affairs. congress overwhelmingly approved the measure last week. it expands the options for vets facing long wait times, funds the hiring of more hospital staff, and makes it easier for the v.a. secretary to fire agency executives. we've got dense fog west of town. a beautiful day ahead with highs in the mird 80s. great baseball wet -- mid-80s. great baseball weather. the nats right here at 12:30. 85 tomorrow with increasing clouds. a couple of showers over the weekend. highs in the low 80s. >> bw parkway northbound has been shut down here at route 175 for three hours. a serious crash. in fact, you're diverted at route 32 with a five-mile backup, guys, northbound bw parkway. and a quick look at 270 southbound slowing at monday toes down the spur and -- montrose down the spur. an accident on the shoulder. cbs this morning is next with a report from south africa's trial of the century,
6:57 am
the case against oscar pistorius, the blade runner in its final stages. >> get this story. meet the professor later on today who created a tree which bears 40 different types of fruit. that is wild. i have to see that. >> howard and i are back in 25 minutes with traffic and weather. >> we hope you can join us online any time on for news, weather, traffic and a whole lot more. >> we'll be back at noon. >> see you at noon. >> we'll see you again tomorrow at 4:25 a.m. it's friday. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointnt. and three, pick up a check
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> good morning. it is thursday, august 7th, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." two hurricas bear down on paradise. the hawaiian islands brace for a once in a century event. the ebola outbreak grows. plus closing arguments in the blade runner trial are under way this morning. why the prosecution claims oscar pistorius is lying. >> but we begin this morning with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> one-two punch. two hurricanes cg ominroin fm the east and pretty potent. >> hawaii braces for back-to-back storms.


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